Orange Park Residents – Train to Be a Welder in Florida

In order to have a welding career in Florida, you will need to perform your training through a welding program at a trade school, specialty school or vocational school. While in your vocational education training, you will need to complete a number of requirements in order to move on to certification. Tulsa Welding School can provide Orange Park residents with the vocational training that will get you on the way to your certification.

Choosing the Right Welding Training Program

When studying welding, it is important to spend as much time in the shop as possible, doing hands-on learning. Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville provides students with four days of hands- on experience during the week and one day of classroom work. These hours are divided among the different procedures you will need to learn, some including procedures involving gas pressure, voltages and currents for different metal types, and electrodes.

Whichever vocational college you choose to go to, make sure that the welding school is approved by the American Welding Society (AWS), that offers various welding certifications. Once you have completed your vocational education requirements, you can make an appointment to take a certification test sometimes offered at your college or you can contact the AWS to take the exam.

In order to receive your certification, you will need to make an appointment to take the skill test at one of the test facilities that are available. Upon performing the test, you will know whether you passed immediately. However, it may take AWS up to two weeks to receive the results and your registration fee. You will then receive your certification card in four to six weeks. Keep in mind that you have to fill out an update form every six months in order to keep your certification.

Live, Train, Work as a Welder in Florida

No one can guarantee that attending welding school will help you get a job or ensure high pay. However, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, certain areas of the country have higher demands for the occupation than others. Currently, Florida is in high demand for those who have completed a welding program. Welders have many opportunities here, including those involving Tungsten Inert Gas and Metal Inert Gas.

Residents of Orange Park can attend Tulsa Welding School, and move on to another state for employment, or stay right here in Florida. We offer job placement assistants to all successful graduates. If you live in Orange Park and are considering a welding career, contact Tulsa Welding School today!

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