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Whether you’re a Lakeside resident looking to start a welding career or you are a Lakeside welder looking to get additional training to increase your earning potential as a welder, you can benefit from attending one of the quality welding training programs at Tulsa Welding School.

While you may be tempted to try an online welding program, the hands-on training you can receive from Tulsa Welding School will give you the skills you need to start or further a career in welding with 4 days of welding and only 1 day in a classroom each week.

Comprehensive Training with a Variety of Program Options

When searching for the right welding training program, the experts will tell you to look for programs that offer certificates of completion, degrees or other proof that you have finished the program. A professional welding program at Tulsa Welding School’s Jacksonville campus will not only provide you with hands-on experience with welding technology but knowledge of the science behind welding so that you understand how welding works.

Some students are looking for a degree program, while others are looking for simply a certificate. Tulsa Welding School offers a variety of options to suit students’ needs and career aspirations. Whether you are looking to pursue a career as a structural welder, or professional welder, we offer programs to help you reach those goals in as little as seven months.

The American Welding Society, a renowned and well-respected organization that works to help strengthen the welding profession and those skilled workers who practice it, is one of Tulsa Welding Schools valued partners. We also partner with Airgas and Lincoln Electric. These organizations are respected in the welding industry and together, work with our school to help educate and prepare the next generation of professional welders in America.

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Lakeside residents who are concerned about paying for welding training will be pleased to learn that Tulsa Welding School offers financial aid options for qualified students. Don’t let the size of your bank account deter you from pursuing your dreams. Interested Lakeside residents should contact the Tulsa Welding School for more information on how to get started today.

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