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Contrary to popular opinion, there are still some very robust sectors of the economy which are experiencing significant labor shortages. One such area is in the large and varied field of professional welding. Specifically, there is a major shortage of qualified, highly-skilled welders of all kinds. Welders are a key part of the industrial and commercial workforce and welding is anything but mundane. Many welders report above average job satisfaction due to the variety of work they get to perform on a daily basis, and most are satisfied that they are fairly compensated for the work they perform.

The Vanishing American Welder

According to the American Welding Society, the average welder in the United States today is 54 years old. That means that a large majority of trained welders will be retiring over the next decade. That process has already started, and the trend will only continue to accelerate. Even now, welders are retiring twice as fast as companies can find replacements for them. This shortage of qualified employees is already starting to become an issue. Thanks to this deficit, welders can command above average salaries and typically enjoy great benefits.

Training The Next Generation of Welders

The shortage is so acute, in fact, that many companies and organizations are encouraging unemployed workers to enroll in welding school. Unlike apprentice electrician positions, welder training programs are practically begging for applicants. For young, intelligent and motivated job seekers, Tulsa Welding School offers a fantastic opportunity for a satisfying career with great income potential.

Future Trends

Infrastructure replacement and maintenance will become a bigger business in the United States over the next decade. As a percentage of the economy, capital improvements and repairs on critical structures will only continue to grow and demand the attention of skilled welders. The American Welding Society recognized long ago that the lack of students in vocational training programs was a serious problem. Their organization grants hundreds of scholarships every year to those dedicated to working in the welding industry. Federal Grants are also available for those who are interested in this already booming line of work. More so than in almost any other industry, there’s never been a better time than the present to look into professional welding as a serious career option.

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