Tulsa Welding School’s Electro-Mechanical Technologies diploma program in Jacksonville, FL offers you the skills and techniques needed for a career in the growing HVAC, refrigeration, and solar energy industries in just nine months.

Comprehensive Preparation for In-Demand Jobs

Our Electro-Mechanical Technologies Program consists of nine separate modules that provide in-depth instruction in a wide array of electro-mechanical equipment and tools. The nature of our training allows graduates to jump directly into entry level jobs in one of several electro-mechanical fields.

Our students will start by learning basic mechanical and electrical principles and then take modules in wiring, air conditioning, refrigeration, solar principles and applications, and advanced troubleshooting. The breadth of our courses allows students to have a fundamental understanding of common problems and solutions in Electro-Mechanical Technologies. The vigor of each individual module provides graduates with the necessary expertise to concentrate their work in one particular field with proficiency.

Our Solar Principles and Applications class allows our students to stay ahead of the curve on newer Electro-Mechanical Technologies that are on the rise. The push for greener technologies and jobs has prompted the government to offer more tax breaks for solar power technology and has pumped up demand for technicians who are skilled in solar energy applications. In this course, our candidates will learn the basics of solar power and develop the skills to design, install, and troubleshoot solar panels and other solar energy systems.

You’re Just Nine Months Away From a Career

Traditional colleges and universities typically take two to four years or more to complete. You can train at Tulsa Welding School for a career in Electro-Mechanical Technologies in less than a year.

We provide assistance to applicants seeking financial aid and housing. Our Career Services office works with graduates to help them hit the ground running. What are you waiting for? Contact Tulsa Welding School today to learn more about our nine-month diploma program in Electro-Mechanical Technologies.