Jacksonville, Florida, residents who are interested in pursuing training in the HVACR or electro-mechanical field have had limited options when it comes to school choice. But TWS Jacksonville, an established technical school in Jacksonville has recently expanded their offerings to include an Electro-Mechanical Technologies program to accommodate residents interested in pursuing this career path.

HVACR Technology

HVAC training programs offer a balance of the theory of conditioning air as well as the practical application of maintaining systems. Students learn how to diagnose and repair system or component problems as well as the design and manufacturing aspects of the industry. They also benefit from the study of the basic fundamentals of systems design in respect to climate and environment.

Jacksonville HVAC/R Technical School

TWS Jacksonville’s HVACR program in Jacksonville, Florida can offer students the preparation they need to compete in the construction trades/electro-mechanical industry. Jacksonville HVACR training through a Jacksonville Electro-Mechanical Technologies program has the added advantage that this city is located in north Florida, where temperature changes range from sweltering summers to cool and sometimes cold winters. These temperature deviations afford students first-hand knowledge of providing comfortable surroundings for both residential and commercial locations.

A graduate from a TWS Jacksonville’s Electro-Mechanical Technologies program can use their training to pursue a career as a service technician or they may choose another path. Some graduates go on to work for themselves later in their careers, while still others may even choose to enter into the sales field. No matter what you choose to do with your training, TWS Jacksonville is a great place to begin.

For more information on our Jacksonville HVACR program, please contact our admissions office. One of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.