How to Search for a Technical Job Before Graduation

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After graduating trade school, many new technicians want to get started right away in their first professional position. With the current job market, this may take a little bit of preparation. Searching for a job while still in school can help ensure a quick and easy transition from student to worker. Here are some ways to begin a technical job search while still in school.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are one of the best ways to secure employment. Companies who participate in job fairs are actively looking for fresh graduates from welding trade schools for openings within their companies. Making a good impression on these company representatives could easily help you secure your first job. Be sure to take several copies of your resume, dress nicely, and keep in contact with companies you’re interested in.

Job Placement Assistance

Many schools have job placement assistance programs or career services. The individuals who maintain these services have insider knowledge in the industry and may be able to guide you towards companies that are likely to hire you. When visiting your school’s job placement assistance department, it’s a good idea to know your preferences regarding work environment. Advisors can help you best if they know what type of work you’re looking for. You can certainly begin this process before graduation, which will allow you to survey many more opportunities and you might even find a job before graduation.

Employment Advisors

Employment advisors may be employed by a school or they may operate independently. These individuals look over your experience and education and give you advice about what type of work you’re most qualified for. They can also help you tweak your application materials so that your resume stands out from the pile. Employment advisors are a good investment of time and money since they can offer great advice to guide your career search.

Personal Connections

Personal connections are often important for finding new employment. When you know an employee of a company with a job opening, the employee’s recommendation can be the thing that gets you the job. You can build a network of professionals in your field by attending local trade meetings and professional clubs. Another method to develop connections is to request informational sessions with individuals from companies that you’re interested in or to simply introduce yourself. If you are able to make these connections, people will remember you better when an opening comes up.

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Welding trade schools offer the development students need to find a job, but a technical school can’t guarantee job placement. While it’s ultimately up to students to secure employment, technical schools can still create many opportunities for students to connect with potential employment. Using the methods above, you’ll have a good chance of gaining employment after completing your technical school education. For more information about Tulsa Welding School’s career services, contact an admissions representative.


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