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Flux-cored arc welding (abbreviated FCAW) is a very important welding method. The limitations of stick welding were a major reason for the development of flux-cored arc welding. One of these limitations was the use of stick electrodes. Instead of using stick electrodes, flux-cored arc welding uses a continuous feed electrode. This makes the process much quicker. Another benefit is that flux-cored arc welding is that with the right electrode, can be done in any position. Because of these benefits, flux-cored arc welding is a very popular welding process for construction projects.

Variations of Flux-cored Arc Welding

With Shielding Gas

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of flux-cored arc welding, there are two different types. One involves a shielding gas, and one does not. The method which uses a shielding gas is sometimes referred to “dual shield” welding, since the electrode already contains a shielding agent. The shielding gas used in this method is supplied by an external source, which makes the method less desirable for outdoor jobs. Additionally, this method is adversely affected by wind, which can move the shielding gas from the region around the weld. This can cause porosity in the surface of the weld, which weakens the bond.

Without Shielding Gas

The variant of flux-cored welding that doesn’t involve a shielding gas makes up for its lack of a shielding agent by including materials in the consumable electrode which combine to form a shielding gas when the electrode is melted. Because the shielding agent is in the electrode, this version of flux-cored arc welding is not affected by wind. One drawback to this method is that it can produce excessive smoke which can make it difficult to see the weld pool.

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