Shortage of Skills-Trades Laborers

Why is there a shortage of skills-trades laborers? The answer to this question is complex, cutting across both cultural and economic factors. Two significant contributors are the United States’ aging workforce and the skills education gap. TWS graduates are fueling the skilled trades workforce and meeting the demand for skilled workers. We provide a range of flexible partnership opportunities that can help you recruit, train, upskill and grow your labor force.

Why is There a Shortage of Skilled Trades Workers

Why is there a shortage of skills-trades laborers?

Over 790,000 HVAC & Welding jobs in US as of 2018i
Under 70,000 HVAC & Welding Graduates in 2017-2018i

Skilled Trades Solutions and our Core Values

TWS’ core values are summarized in our I-CARE principles. I-CARE stands for Integrity, Communication, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. Our core values inform everything we do and inspire us to deliver high quality education to our students.

Skilled Trades Solutions is at the heart of our obsession with overcoming the shortage of trade talent while raising the skill standards of talent in America.

The only reason we exist is to help you overcome these challenges.

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SKILLED Trade Solutions & our CORE VALUES

High Quality Education Creates Highly Skilled Welders

  • 1 Day in Class/4 Days Welding
  • Welding Instructors with at least 4 years of experience
  • Comprehensive training in structural and pipe welding
  • MIG, TIG, FluxCore, SMAW
  • Aircraft, thin alloy & pipeline welding training

Hands-On Training by Experienced HVAC Technicians

  • Faculty with at least 4 years of field experience
  • HVAC & Electrical Training
  • Electrical Applications
  • Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning installation & service
  • Solar
  • Low Temp


Training options to help you Recruit, Retrain and Retain valuable employee talent:

  • Talent Acquisition

    Talent Acquisition

    Full or partial service to Recruit and Train entry-level talent.

  • Custom Training Options

    Custom Training Options

    Upskill your current talent with the skills necessary for your organization to thrive.

  • Apprenticeships


    Grow you own talent through a combination of classroom, hands-on and field training.

  • Temp to Hire

    Temp to Hire

    Offset your hiring risk by contracting recent grads for an upcoming project.

TWS Jacksonville is an AWS Accredited Testing Facility

We offer a wide variety of ATF certifications

Our Jacksonville, FL Campus offers AWS ATF Certification.

Contact our ATF office directly to learn more about certifications. Give us a call at (904) 345-5593.

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Employer Testimonials

We partner with employers nationally and internationally. See what some of our employer partners have to say about their partnership with us.

Contact Us to Learn More About Hiring TWS Grads:

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(602) 617-5776

Industrial Oils Unlimited

"Tulsa Welding School prepares their students very well." - Jeff G.

BAE Systems

"Tulsa Welding School has helped us to provide those strong candidates for those positions that we've had available." - Gerry F.

Snyder Heating & Air

"Tulsa Welding School has been an incredible resource for us. (Students) come ready with the skills to have an exciting, lucrative career in the HVAC industry." - Tim W.

Chart Industries

"What we've experienced from the welders that come from Tulsa, they've got the right foundation to start a career in welding and come in to Chart and build upon that." - John N.

i U.S. HVAC & Welding jobs total combined according to BLS data as of 2018 HVAC & Welding graduates total according to IPEDS data for 2017-2018 for CIP codes 15.0614, 48.0508, 15.0501, 47.0201 where degree/certificate is first major.