Tulsa Welding School Hosts Annual Welding Competition in Tulsa

Tulsa Welding School – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa Welding School Hosts Annual Welding Competition in Tulsa
Summary: Tulsa Welding School (TWS) is hosting a welding competition for high school seniors. Students have the opportunity to win scholarships for TWS technical programs and other prizes.
TWS is holding its annual welding competition on Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 2545 E. 11th St., Tulsa, OK. About 240 high school seniors are traveling from around the U.S. to Tulsa Welding School to compete for prizes and scholarships.
Tulsa Welding School holds two competitions every year – one at the Tulsa campus and one at the Jacksonville, Florida campus. Last year TWS awarded over $245,000 in scholarships and prizes to participating students at the two competitions.
Awards are as follows:
First place – full-tuition scholarship to Tulsa Welding School
Second place – half-tuition scholarship to Tulsa Welding School
Third place – quarter-tuition scholarship to Tulsa Welding School
All other contestants will receive a $500 scholarship to Tulsa Welding School.
Over 1,000 people, including contestants, families, and instructors, are expected to travel to Tulsa from all over the U.S. In addition to the contest, the event serves as an orientation to students interested in attending one of the school’s programs in Oklahoma. The event includes a tour of the facilities; demonstrations by welding equipment manufacturers; and talks from prospective employers as well as representatives from the Student Services, Financial Aid, and Admissions departments. Family members can even try their hand at welding and metal cutting to get a taste of what students experience in welder classes. Regional Campus President Mark Staats explains, “The Tulsa Welding School annual welding competition is an excellent opportunity for our high school students to actively compete for scholarships and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Hundreds of students, families, and instructors travel from all over the country in order to participate. We are extremely excited to have them come and join us for this event being held at the campus and take part in these much-anticipated events.”
The competition itself is a timed arc welding test that requires participants to use various positions and techniques. Contestants are graded on adherence to procedure, quality of the weld, and final completion time.
Tulsa Welding School was founded in 1949 to train skilled tradesmen in welding. Over the decades, TWS expanded its program offerings and has opened in Jacksonville, Florida, and Houston, Texas. The Tulsa campus trains students in welding and pipefitting and offers an Associate of Occupational Studies degree, an expansion of the Professional Welder Program.
For more information please contact:
Mark Staats
Regional Campus President
(918) 587-6789
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