TWS Jacksonville - Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017 – The power has been restored at the campus. Today we are removing the boards from all the windows in preparation to reopen tomorrow for classes. As always, we want our students to be safe, if you have special considerations – please contact the campus TOMORROW at 904.345.5555 so we can work with your circumstance.

September 11, 2017 – TWS Jacksonville will be closed on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. There was some damage to the building and loss of power. We plan on reopening on Wednesday if we are able to make repairs and power is restored. Check this page and facebook for updates.

September 9, 2017 – TWS Jacksonville is closed Monday, September 11, 2017: Today we made the determination that for the safety and security of our students, staff, and faculty the campus will remain closed on Monday September 11th. Please check facebook and this page over the weekend for further updates.

September 8, 2017 – We are CLOSED for Hurricane Irma. For reopening announcements, please check our Facebook page and Announcements page.

If you do evacuate, please email me [email protected] to let us know you are safe and include your plans of return.

September 7, 2017 – The school will remain open tomorrow, September 8th, with classes running as normal. We will not be taking attendance so there will be no penalty for those who miss class.  We will have a better idea of next week’s schedule this weekend and will update our Facebook and Announcements pages accordingly.  Stay safe out there!

September 6, 2017 – Student safety is our number 1 priority. Below is the update as we stand right now:

Currently, the school plans to remain open each day with classes running as normal.
Thursday’s (tomorrow’s) update will state if the school plans to close on Friday and/or Monday.

As safety from the storm and traffic are concerns that we share, we understand if you decide to evacuate now. If you choose to do so, please send us an email informing us that you have arrived home safely arrive AND include your updated plans for date of return.

Attendance will be counted Wednesday and Thursday as normal. If you choose to leave Friday, all Friday absences will be excused. Monday absences and excuses will be determined over the next few days as we track Irma more closely.

For VA students, if we are open, the VA counts attendance. If we are closed, the VA considers you present. School closures will not affect attendance certifications.

If you choose to leave, it is imperative that you return within 14 CALENDAR DAYS of your last date of attendance. If you are gone longer than that, you would be unenrolled from the school. This is why we want you to email us and let us know your planned return date once the hurricane passes.

Grades and Rephases:
As we are not planning to close as of now, grading remains the same. If the school does close, make-up days may be scheduled on the weekends to help you catch up. Remember, all projects must be completed to move on to the next phase. If the school is closed multiple days, the President will make a determination for how and when students can complete a phase. Stay tuned to these emails regarding this.

Staying in Jacksonville:
If you choose to stay or are unable to leave, please consider food, water and loss of electricity. Please consider going to a shelter for safety. Shelter updates and links for Jacksonville may be found here:

September 5, 2017 –  We should have a better idea of Irma’s path on Wednesday or Thursday. Currently we are scheduled for business as usual. President Thornhill is monitoring the storm, if it appears that we are in line to be hit, and the school closes, students will be notified by email and text as soon as the decision is made.

Please make sure you check our Facebook page and monitor your email’s junk/spam folders daily for updates from [email protected]


TWSTC Houston Campus Closed Due to Tropical Storm Harvey


September 1, 2017 –  We will be handing out food and supplies to students and staff in need on September 4 from 2-7 p.m. at the campus.

August 29, 2017 @7:58 PM CST – We take our students safety very seriously. Due to road closures in the area surrounding Greenspoint we have determined that we will be closed until Tuesday, September 5th. We still have not been able to access the campus, however we have been able to review security footage and it appears that the campus did not sustain serious damage. We look forward to resuming a normal schedule next Tuesday. Stay safe and continue to check this site or Facebook for further updates.

August 28, 2017 @10:21 AM CST – Due to the current weather conditions, the school will be closed until Wednesday. We will continue to monitor the weather and road conditions daily, and will provide updates regarding further class cancellations. Stay safe. We will be posting on Facebook as well.

Below are numbers to First Response as provided by the City of Houston government. Remember to stay put if you are in safe, dry place and only call 911 for EMERGENCIES only (evacuations/rescues).

Police, Firefighters, ambulance.
911- Or 713-884-3131

City Of Houston (Emergencies)
311 or 713-837-0311

FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Office Of Emergency Management

Houston American Red Cross
713-526-8300 or 1-866-526-8300

Helicopter Rescue:

Houston Center: National Guard

Coast Guard:

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been reaching out to students, staff and instructors asking if they are safe and/or if they need anything. Some of you had questions, so here are the answers to the most asked ones.

Accredited School, ACCSC. TWS-Jacksonville located at 1750 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32216 is recognized by ACCSC as a satellite location of TWS-Jacksonville located at 3500 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32216. Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center (TWSTC) in Houston and TWS-Jacksonville are branch campuses of Tulsa Welding School, located at 2545 E. 11th St., Tulsa, OK 74104. Tulsa, OK campus is licensed by OBPVS and ASBPCE. Jacksonville, FL campus is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, License No. 2331. TWSTC and TWS in Tulsa, OK are approved by TWC. TWS in Jacksonville is licensed by the Mississippi Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration, License No. C-668. Licensure indicates only that minimum standards have been met; it is not an endorsement or guarantee of quality. Licensure is not equivalent to or synonymous with accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. TWS in Jacksonville is also regulated by: Office for Career and Technical Schools, 10 N. Senate Ave, Suite SE 308, Indianapolis, IN 46204; [email protected]; GI Bill® Eligible (check with local campus for specific eligibility). The AOSWT program is an Associate of Occupational Studies degree program and is not an academic degree. The AOSWT program is not approved for the following states: CO, GA, LA, MN, and TX. For more information about our programs, please visit our website at:

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Scholarships available to those who qualify. Candidates need to refer to the scholarship information page to determine topic of essay (where applicable) and must meet all regular admissions requirements and be scheduled to start training prior to applying for a scholarship. If a student changes his/her re-enter date, the scholarship award may be forfeited. Scholarships are not transferable and most scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship TWS offers. In most cases, only one award will be given per student. If a student is eligible for multiple scholarships, the scholarship that is most beneficial to the student will be awarded. Scholarships will be distributed incrementally over the entire duration of the program. Scholarship eligibility requires continuous enrollment. Failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress may result in the probation and possible loss of scholarship. Termination from training may also result in the loss of a scholarship, which may increase your tuition obligation to TWS. Tuition charges will be based on the amount reflected on your Enrollment Agreement. See the reverse side of your Enrollment Agreement or the School Catalog for the school’s refund policy.

* According to 2016 IPEDS data TWS has the largest total combined enrollment of students for all post-secondary schools in the U.S. with the designated largest program of CIP Code Welding Technology/Welder.


1 Total number of estimated graduates for TWS calculated based on historic data available as of 1/20/16.

2 Tulsa area annual mean wage is $44,810, Jacksonville area annual mean wage is $41,890 and Houston area annual mean wage is $50,810 for welders, cutters, solderers and brazers (514121) reported by BLS as of May 2019 Average starting salary for Professional Welder is $36,296 for TWS Tulsa, $34,035 for Jacksonville, and TWSTC is $35,648 for graduates employed during the 12 month period of 7/1/18-6/30/19.

3 According to BLS data Oklahoma employed 11,390, Florida employed 13,730 and Texas employed 50,790 welders, cutters, solderers (514121) as of May 2019.

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